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    The challenge with this role was the transition the company was making. They recently had gone through significant growth but did not have the EBITDA margins that should come with profitable growth. The company was very challenged from a talent perspective and needed better people. They needed a cross functional CFO who could start with building the right metrics, scorecards, and moving from the outcome begin to streamline all departments in the company and bring in the right leaders that spoke the same language.


    In this search we targeted larger CPG’s and food manufacturers that would house people that had built out the systems this company was looking to achieve. This person would need to be at a unique point in their career and understand that joining a smaller company could offer more autonomy and fulfillment.


    We ultimately found someone that had been working at a large CPG who was recently acquired by a large PE firm. This person was burnt out, and took some time to decide if this was the right opportunity. It was a question of values for this person. He wanted to make the right decision with the right people. Ultimately, he joined as CFO and was promoted to CEO within 2 years.