Recruit Owners

Want to become an owner?

We help small / mid-sized companies find executives.  Join 1k+ execs who want to build businesses.

    Who are owners?

    Ownership is a mentality.

    Owners are bar raisers.  They make people better.  They bring a level of grit.

    They don’t mind getting in the weeds & can figure out where to go.

    They are hard to find, but for business owners that want more free time and peace of mind, they are critical.


    We recruit owners.

    We help business owners or mid-market PE firms refresh their executive suite for the next phase of growth.


    The Ownr resources newsletter.

    Join our newsletter to build the mentality of an owner and continue on the journey of company building and ownership.


    We find capital.

    Owners don’t always want to sell to Private Equity.  Sometimes to retain control and / or maintain involvement an employee buyout or a minority partner makes sense.

    We recruit & invest
in owners.

    Our mission.

    To help owners find the best team possible to accomplish their growth, profitability and personal objectives.

    Justin Pintwala, CFA

    Justin started his career in M&A and structured finance at Ernst & Young. After a few years in finance, he wanted to build something from the ground up. Along with his brother, CPG Executive Search was born. CPG Executive Search still focuses on recruiting the best in the Food & CPG industry in Canada.

    Justin left to join Ownr Search after a few mid-sized businesses (20-100m in sales) expressed that recruiting people with an owner mentality was their biggest issue. Justin enjoyed focusing on small to mid-sized companies and helping owners unlock company growth and free up more time to focus on their #1 value add. Ownr search brings a unique guarantee and billing model that 100% aligns with the owners objectives.

    Who we are

    We’re on the lookout for business champions who elevate organizations to greater success.

    We recruit executives, but we also recruit middle management with the potential to grow the business. It is a mentality that we look for.  People with drive, ability to get things done and elevate team members around them. Don’t get us wrong, these people are hard to find and this is why our operating principles are key.

    Align incentives.

    We charge 90% of our fee 3 months after the employee start date. It’s like saying, if we get it wrong, we don’t get paid.

    Build community.

    Our email newsletter and presence on LinkedIn gives us an edge to attract the owners that elevate businesses better than anyone else.

    Invest to understand; understand to invest.

    We understand businesses by meeting with ownership, hiring managers & often investing alongside our clients with real capital.

    Build clarity.

    We build a scorecard for each position we recruit. This scorecard builds clarity, outlines the outcomes for each role & the competencies needed to achieve them.


    We turn over as many rocks as possible when searching for the right canadiate. Sometimes hires happen quickly, more often than not it takes time.


    We seek to understand our candidates lives. Where they have been, what they’ve accomplished, their motivations & how their peers view them.

    Our process

    We follow the WHO book process created by Geoff Smart & Randy Street

    Our commitment to owners and executives is that we find you someone who will nail their outcomes 90% of the time. To fully align our interests, we charge 90% of our fee 3 months after the candidates start. We either find you your leader, or we don’t get paid.


    Define outcomes & competencies

    Build Project

    Research and figure out 60-90 high quality targets


    Gather background based on WHO methodology


    WHO interview for background & focused interview to nail outcomes

    Reference checks

    Try and understand the real person and the circle of people that recommend them

    Selling and Closing

    Negotiate contract and ensure both sides are happy


    What are people saying?

    “I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Justin in May 2020 during record high unemployment rates in Canada as COVID ruptured the world as we knew it. What I became evident in my interactions with Justin is that he was not looking to just put a candidate forward but that he goes to great lengths to ensure that the candidate, his client and the role are in perfect harmony. His insight into his clients' needs are next to none and this enabled him to set me up for success throughout the interview process. It quickly became very clear that Justin genuinely cares and his regular check ins - both on me and on my behalf conveyed that. In the end, Justin even supported me in negotiating a compensation package that both, my now employer and I happy signed on.”

    Nabila Tisha

    SVP Sales & Operations, GlobalFaces Direct

    “We are very grateful to Ownr Search for their exceptional service in identifying a transformative candidate for our organization. Their focus and attention on interpersonal skills and organizational fit for the role was a difference maker. The hired candidate swiftly progressed from CFO and now CEO, driving significant growth and efficiencies for our company. OwnerSearch’s impact on our company has been far reaching and we would highly recommend their services for critical roles.”

    Dan Skjodt

    Chairman, Skjodt Barrett Foods

    “Justin does a phenomenal job at only putting the best candidates in front of you. He weeds out the noise through comprehensive testing and great instinct.”

    John Williams

    CEO, Nutra Holdings