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    Find a VP sales that brings the “brick by brick” mentality. This means a love for the brand. It also means someone that will position the brand in the right retailers. Maintaining pricing power and margins is the top priority. This will mean living and telling the brand story, bringing intangibles (partnerships / influencers) to the table. Ensuring a minimum advertised price model is in place. This is a long term thinker that has an “engine” and can drive results with a lean team.


    We started our search in Canada given this was a Canadian company. We had 75 targets in Canada and spoke to 18 of them. We were close with one, although the CEO believed that the candidate should have relevant relationships. With the majority of sales in the USA, we then went in and targeted select geographies. Colorado, Utah, and Idaho were out main target states. We find they are very relevant to the industry we were searching in. Another 40 reach outs took place with many referrals coming our way from candidates we talked to over the phone.


    The final candidate ended saw an advertisement and reached out over linkedin. The candidate showed tremendous passion and knowledge for the brand. With great references and a few common connections in the US, it was an easy process to conduct due diligence. Psychometric results showed a high information processing, the desire to control and own results, the self confidence to push through rejection and the awareness to not just execute, but put a coherent, realistic plan in place.