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    Recruiting top talent is an art form—a delicate balance of assessing skills, fit, and potential. It’s a process where one misstep can be costly, both in terms of time and resources.

    The “the A method of hiring” found in the book “WHO” by Geoff Smart & Randy Street is the easiest and most effective way to increase your hiring success rate.

    The process is effective and unlike other systems, it is easy to implement.

    7 reasons why you should adopt this process:

    • It’s Essential to try and hit the 90% hiring success rate that is so elusive

    Recruiting isn’t easy; perfection is elusive. People are complex, and mistakes happen. However, it’s vital to your company’s success to at least improve your success rate.

    • Fit Matters (obviously)

    The qualities that make a CFO successful in a big corporation may not be the same as those needed in a fast-growing entrepreneurial venture. Fit matters just as much as skills. The A method provides a way to test for fit.

    • Compare Outcomes

    Different roles demand different skill sets. Understanding the nuances is key to making successful hires. Teammates should have the ability to compare notes. This is where the work done upfront, the scorecard becomes critical.

    • Spend the time upfront

    “Hire slow & Fire fast” isn’t just a saying; it’s sage advice. Rushed hiring decisions can be costly, impacting both the new hire and the team.

    • The Right Process Matters

    All team members should be aware of a process. It will give you the ability to dissect mistakes when they are made.

    • Only interview the right Candidates

    When you build a scorecard and understand exactly what you are looking for, you can save a vast number of hours by only bringing candidates who have a high probability of hitting your outcomes forward in the interview process.

    • Aim for 90% Success

    While no hire is ever guaranteed, your goal should be a 90% success rate, where candidates achieve the first-year outcomes defined in the recruitment process.

    Now, let’s dive into “the A method of hiring.” Developed by Geoff Smart and Randy Street. The book is very popular in YPO and Entrepreneurs Organization as it is easy to implement and effective.

    The A Method of Hiring Process

    Create a Scorecard

    Begin by defining clear outcomes and expectations for the role. This scorecard serves as your hiring blueprint.


    Weed out unsuitable candidates early in the process, saving valuable time. There are specific questions in the pre-screen which allows you to cut to the chase and figure out if you are dealing with a high performer.

    The Who Interview

    Dive deep into a candidate’s character, values, and motivations. Are they the right cultural fit? Does their background make sense?

    The Focused Interview

    For the finalists, invest the time in thorough interviews to ensure they meet the scorecard’s specific outcomes. This interview dives deep on outcomes. It seeks to figure out if they have relevant leadership experience within the areas you want to see them deliver.

    The Reference Checks

    Don’t skip this crucial step. Contact references to validate a candidate’s qualifications and fit.

    In summary, “the A method of hiring” breaks down the complex task of recruitment into manageable steps.

    Send an email to Justin@ownrsearch with the subject line “a method of hiring templates” if you would like the full set of templates in a word document.