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    This brand has been growing rapidly in the USA and Canada and wanted to bring someone on that could find and further develop partnerships. This includes influencer partnerships across social, further developing the youtube channel, figuring out the best podcasts to sponsor and continually releasing great content alongside the creative department.


    We wanted this role to be based in the USA so started targeting four cities that we thought would make sense. We posted a linkedin job post across all cities and also reached out to over 65 people. Our targets were people that we thought were experienced enough to align with the company’s goals. They would come from an adjacent background within apparel, sports, or consumer goods. The candidate should bring a lot of energy & creativity. Willing to do the work themselves, and be willing to put themselves out there and engage with community.


    We ultimately found a producer that was super aligned with the brand. He understood, almost intuitively, where the brand needed to go. The things that would make sense to pursue, and what would be a waste of time. That said, failure will no doubt exist, but this candidate started performing at a high level within the first 3 months of joining the brand. Alignment of values, and the grit to do the work himself was key. The way he treats people will ultimately allow him to keep growing himself and the company simultaneously.