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    In this role this consumer goods co needed someone who could deal with change. The CEO was someone who was impulsive and high control. This person first and foremost had to tip toe around the CEO and make sure value could be added in the required people area. In a way this person became somewhat of a shield for other employees. It was important for this individual to have a backbone and build influence in a way that satisfied leadership above and below.


    We targeted ~ 75 individuals. Many individuals were from larger corporations and didn’t fit the bill. The environment would be too much of a shock and they wouldn’t succeed in an unstructured environment. Being self guided with the goals they set for themselves and managing the CEO would be critical in this role.


    We found someone after ~ 4 months that brought the grit necessary. She was in a unique time in her career to spend enough time at the office, at the plants and to be able to build the necessary team. She ultimately made a strong impact on productivity throughout the business.