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    Find a VP marketing who can do the work themselves and run a very small and focused team. Has deep knowledge of shopify, executing profitable ad campaigns, working with creative to produce top notch creative (brand side), manage the P&L, build subscription & digital revenues with focus on growth in LTV through increasing AOV and repeat purchase.


    Created a linkedin project with > greater than 100 possible profiles across geography. Toronto, San Francisco, Denver, Austin, Salt Lake City & Boise (hot spots for Sports Nutrition marketers). Profiles of all kinds were targeted. Some heavier brand marketers with digital experience and very focused growth marketers. Ultimately we wanted someone with digital first chops that still understood brand marketing. This search happened over 6+ months but involved trialing former full-time employees that were willing to start on a contract.


    This was a difficult search where we hired one initial contractor followed by a second contractor. The first was a sharp strategic mind who brought data insights, a team that added value through insights, retention and top of funnel activities. AOV was increased and subscription revenues were grown by a few %. The contractor was remote and was not a good day in / day out executer. He therefore didn’t fit long term. Luckily we de-risked through contracting and the 2nd contractor brought the goods and raised the bar for the team. He is very involved in all decisions and driving day to day growth, brick by brick. This 2nd contractor was converted to full-time.